The Team


Our passion for beer started in college where many young people's taste for beer develops. Back then, money was difficult to come by so we would typically stay away from the "craft" beers and get the $10 30-Pack's to consume while hanging out. This was fine while in college but would not fly when we graduated and spent our time at bars and pubs instead of frat houses and local college housing.

In the 6 years following graduation, we began to fine tune our beer taste buds. Any time we found a beer on tap that we hadn't tried, we would order it. We were amazed at how different beers had such different flavors and aromas, not to mention varying alcohol contents.

In 2007, while on a family vacation to Pensacola Beach, FL, I was introduced to the possibility of home brewing. It's not that I assumed all beer just came from a factory, but I never stopped to think of the people behind the recipes. My wife's cousin, Kevin Matalucci (Head Brewmaster @ The Broad Ripple Brew Pub) stocked the fridge at our rental with beer that he personally brewed! He brought with him an IPA, a Hefeweizen, and a few others in growlers for us to drink. I couldn't get enough of this beer, it was so fresh and had such great flavor! This is the point where I can look back and say my beer world was turned upside down.

A few years later, I was on the internet looking for a gift for a friend when I came across a homebrew kit. What better gift to get a friend than this? Well, the decision was made, I bought myself the homebrew kit and bought my friend a bottle of liquor...go figure! I couldn't wait for the kit to come in the mail; I even checked the tracking number multiple times a day to see if its location had changed. Just as promised, the kit was delivered on time and I tore the box open. I put out all of the equipment and the ingredients on the kitchen counter and began...I was making beer!

I was so excited with what I had created that I immediately called one of my closest friends to tell him about what I had done. I wasn't surprised at all when his jaw practically hit the floor. Ryan was also a beer lover and shared the same passion I had for different beers. After hanging up the phone, he immediately ordered a home brew kit and spent the next few days constantly checking his tracking number. Again, the package arrived on time and he went through the same ritual that I had gone through a few days earlier. He placed the kettles, ingredients and directions on the counter...and he was making beer! At this point, we knew what we wanted to do with our lives; we want to share our passion for beer with everyone. We want to create the best product; something that we can enjoy along with everyone who likes beer. This was the start of Oyster Bay Brewing Company.